thrace-motorsports-logo-hautBorn from the roman origins of its co-founders, THRACE MOTORSPORTS is a motorcycling racing team with a 15 years experience of the racing industry, on an international path paved of the most prestigious racetracks and championships’ asphalt, combined with a 10 years experience of Marketing.

The Thrace Fighter is reputed for being the undefeated gladiator (Spartacus was a Thrace)…so is our core value: never give up.



JEREMY  VALLON – Former racer

« Our team’s goal it is to meet a personal new challenge in the  motorcycling racing industry, having spent years there, having made quite a lot of podia, and after having been forced to put an end after a massive crash. We surrounded ourselves with the best possible racing mechanics and  professional racing suppliers in Italy. We pay a lot of attention to details, to our image and a lot of respect to all those craftsmen who are besides us providing our team with the best of made in Italy goods. From racing parts, accessories to handmade to measure leather suits. We take a great pride in working with the BESTS from the sector

Our team provides racers wishing to discover motorcycling racing at the highest level  (SSP600, SSP300 ELF CIV in Italy) with a comfortable infrastructure allowing riders to focus on their track job.We look forward to welcome young strong minded racers who dare to have ambition to race on our motorcycles. » 

Ronan Sellier

Accountant & Logistician

Technical Suppliers (to be confirmed when calendar released)