Yamaha R6 and Yamaha R1 of Thrace Motorsports unveiled at AQUAKOÏ

The Thrace Motorsports is in full preparation for the 2018 season in the best conditions. The mechanics staff being constituted, the motorcycles being almost finalized, they now can be unveiled.

AQUAKOÏ, the basin specialist in France, was chosen by our private racing team to exhibit motorcycles in the heart of spectacular water features made by a passionate crew.

We like to honor the know-how that surrounds us.

AQUAKOÏ is a family-run business that has been working for more than 20 years to beautify your gardens by creating natural pools and breeding Japanese carps to meet the highest standards. They are not just there to sell carps, they are the relay between carps, and their adopters. Behavior, character, emotional ties are part of the criteria that will make it possible for you to adopt your little ones, such as « Nounouille », our mascot, or the thirty-year-old carp who has been at their side since the store opened.

The AQUAKOÏ team provides advice, sales equipment and plants for the daily maintenance of your pond, as well as the quarantining of your fish during a move, as well as medical follow-up and surgery on your carp , sturgeons and China sails. They are just as passionate about their craft as we are in our motorcycle racing job. This is what decided us to associate the two universes for a photo shoot in an enchanting setting.


Here, the YAMAHA R6 VS YAMAHA R1 in edge of natural pool, a lagoon of 160m3 entirely filtered by plants.

A small touch of California with the Cascade Pétigny of 7m long, the basin serves as reserve of water feeding the cascade.

Mirror effect pond, a dream frame to present our motorcycles in an original way.

Discover the world of AQUAKOÏ on their website and facebook and enjoy the seasonal discounts!