Thrace Motorsport’s Founder, the former racer Jérémy Vallon has been invited by DUCATI France on a press event launching the DUCATI XDIAVEL experience.

On this very special occasion he had the pleasure to discover the new DUCATI and to wear the ARAI DUCATI SOUL helmet…

Jeremy : « As a former racer I never tried such a bike, and am really impressed by its sportivity and performances. It has a great look, it’s appealing, sexy and the morning ride around Paris and its monuments was fantastic. I was completely out of time riding a « beast » in appearance which has touched my soul. Ducati has come up with a powerful motorcycle, expressing a powerful style, but also a complete way of life, it’s halfway a custom and a modern”cyborg” vision of a café racer. Very stylish !

In order to make this ride perfect I had to try the full-face ARAI DUCATI SOUL helmet. This helmet is truly inspired by the Polenesian warriors tattoos. Having chosen to name my team « Thrace » in tribute to the gladiators and bearing Maori tattoos on my neck, this helmet could not be more perfect to me ! Aldo Drudi once again uses intriguing graphics to narrate the extraordinary powers of the Soul Rider. And this story has a particular meaning to me.

The shell is made of SFL fiber, comfortable and lightweight with extra strengthening ribbing. Inside the helmet, the removable and washable lining, cheek pads with EPS liner and efficient ventilation system all ensure comfort and safety. It expresses a strong personality for gentlemen riders.

Inside is of course very comfy, detachable, washable and hypoallergenic.

An extremely important detail to me as a former racer is the quality of the visor. Thanks to the Visor Wide SAI vision we enter next generation tested in MotoGP. This visor offers the widest peripheral vision in the helmet’s business for better performance. SuperAdSis LRS (Lever Release System) makes visor changes possible in seconds, without tools or removal of the side pods.

The most pleasant feature consists in the FFS (Free Flow System) which creates airflow under the helmet that reduces wind noise and turbulence while increasing the exhaust of hot air.

As usual ARAI is a synonym of high level handmade helmets, and this particular helmet goes perfectly along with the XDIAVEL, it’s made to match : where the XDIAVEL is strong, powerful, massive in its design, the ARAI DUCATI SOUL is comfortable, highly protective, perfect soundproofing… powerful in its skills as much as it requires high technologies to come up with such a top level protection. This ARAI DUCATI SOUL helmet is also a good compromise if you do not want to invest on a purely racing helmet. For 638€ you can already FEEL SAFE, COMFORTABLE and SECURE!

I would say this helmet is the XDIAVEL’s perfect soulmate to ride with!”

Looking for the helmet of your lifetime? Have a look on THRACE MOTORSPORT’s partner’s website: ARAI BER RACING EUROPE

Looking for the Bike of your life? Then please check the new XDIAVEL and dive into the experience, book your trial for free: DUCATI XDIAVEL



THRACE MOTORSPORT would like to warmly thank DUCATI WEST EUROPE’s team: Laurence Etoubleau,  Marketing and Communications Manager, Fabien Rezé, PR Manager,  and Ajai Navaneethan, Communications Manager, for letting us dive into this experience with the DEVIL…